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Corporate Fundraising Masterclass


Do you want to benefit from the fastest growing area of fundraising?

This one-day course provides you with the knowledge, skills and practical tools you need to ramp up corporate fundraising within your organisation. From developing corporate fundraising strategy and winning new business, through to developing a pipeline of contacts and managing partnerships, this course will equip you with everything you need to get the most out of corporate fundraising. Throughout the course, you will benefit from the wisdom of our trainers who have more than 25 years of first-hand experience within the corporate fundraising arena – from both a charity and business perspective. By the end of this course, you will be in a position to win and develop mutually beneficial partnerships that will help your charity reach its goals.


This course is designed for fundraisers working in small to medium sized organisations who work on either a local, regional or national scale and want to increase their income from corporate fundraising. No previous corporate fundraising experience is necessary, but it is helpful to have some knowledge of general fundraising. By the end of the day you will have gained:

  • an understanding of strategic partnerships, what corporate social responsibility is, and what companies are looking for in charity partners;

  • knowledge of the different forms of corporate support – donations, sponsorship, cause related marketing, gifts-in-kind, charity of the year partnerships and employee volunteering;

  • skills to develop a corporate fundraising strategy and create a pipeline of companies to target;

  • knowledge to make approaches, network and cultivate partnerships to win new business;

  • tips to develop a winning pitch;

  • an understanding of the principles of client relationship management;

  • the ability to identify the key skills needed to build successful corporate fundraising;

  • knowledge of the legal and tax issues relevant to corporate fundraising.

Public Speaking Pitching & Presentations Masterclass


Do you want to win that pitch or nail that presentation?

Through this one-day course you can master the art of giving an effective presentation and gain the confidence to inspire your audience and make an impact. During the course, you’ll learn how to structure an effective message; use different techniques to deliver your content persuasively; and learn top tips to control your nerves in order to pitch and present confidently. The trainers delivering the course have been presenting and winning pitches for a many years and you will benefit from their insight and individual guidance throughout the day. You will take away key knowledge that you can put into practice immediately, along with a masterclass toolkit to help you craft your future pitches and presentations.


This one-day course is designed for anyone who makes regular presentations or pitches to audiences of any size and wants to improve their content and delivery to make a real impact. By the end of the day you will learn how to;

  • approach your presentation with confidence;

  • add impact to your presentation;

  • ensure you achieve your objective;

  • be able to structure your presentation to convey key information;

  • maintain your audience’s undivided attention;

  • learn some tips and tricks manage your nerves effectively;

  • evaluate your performance.

Fundraising Masterclass - Introduction to


Do you want to get to grips with fundraising in today’s market?

This one-day course will provide great grounding and insight into today’s ever-changing field of fundraising. Throughout the day, you will gain an overview of the role and responsibility of fundraising and the opportunities that are currently available for not-for-profit organisations. You will also obtain an understanding of the skills and knowledge that are essential for successful fundraising; explore the motivations that inspire people to give; be able to identify different fundraising streams; and grasp the tools that are needed to measure performance. You will hear from trainers who have more than 25 years of fundraising experience with a whole range of charities. Delegates who complete the course will have a strong foundation of knowledge to help their organisation make the most of the fundraising opportunities that are available to them.


This one-day course is for delegates from small and medium-sized organisations who are new to the not-for-profit sector or, people who work within the charity sector but are not directly engaged with fundraising. It would benefit anyone within the organisation who needs to improve their understanding of income generation and the role it plays within their charity. By the end of the day you will gain:

  • insight into the current fundraising climate and an understanding of the importance of fundraising;

  • knowledge of the basic principles of fundraising and the different sources of income;

  • an understanding of why people give and who you should be approaching;

  • knowledge of the best practice principles;

  • skills to identify a good fundraising strategy;

  • insight into the fundraising planning process and how to measure success;

  • an understanding of the skills and knowledge required for successful fundraising.

Trust & Foundations Masterclass - Bid Writing


Do you want to unlock income from trusts & foundations ?

Fundraising from trusts and foundations is one of the most cost-effective means of income generation for small and large charities alike. With more than 9,000 trusts in the UK, there are opportunities for every charity, no matter their size, cause or location. Cuts to public spending though mean that more charities than ever are looking for grants. Competition is fierce and so it’s vital that fundraisers have the skills and knowledge to identify the right prospects and submit persuasive applications. By the end of this training course, you will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to research funders that are right for your cause or project and approach them with compelling and appropriate applications.


This one-day course is designed for fundraisers seeking grants from trusts and foundations for local, national or international causes. No previous trusts fundraising experience is necessary, but it is helpful to have some knowledge of general fundraising. By the end of the day, you will be able to:

  • Understand the scope and potential of the trust and foundation sector;

  • know how to use a variety of research sources, paid for and freely available, to find prospects for your cause;

  • establish which prospects are appropriate to apply to and understand their priorities;

  • draw up a pipeline of potential funders - which can also double as a simple database;

  • interpret the guidelines of trusts and foundation and the language that they use;

  • now how to write and present a compelling and persuasive application - and the pitfalls to avoid;

  • manage ongoing relationships with your funders to maximise the chances of future funding.