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Training Course below.

Corporate Fundraising & partnerships Masterclass

Helping you maximise income from businesses. Whether you are new to fundraising or want to grow your existing corporate income, our course will give you the insight, knowledge and practical skills to make the most out of corporate fundraising. Designed specifically to ensure you develop a strong corporate proposition, identify the right prospects and build long term partnerships, this course will allow you to immediately implement what you have learnt on the day and improve your corporate income.

Course Information:
Leeds - May 22nd 2019 - SOLD OUT
London - June 19th 2019 - 4 PLACES LEFT
Birmingham - Jun 26th 2019 - SOLD OUT

Fundraising Masterclass

Providing you the solid foundation to grow your fundraising. Are you in the early stages of fundraising or want to take your fundraising to the next level?

This short one-day course will take you through the fundraising basics and give you knowledge and practical advice on how to reach your fundraising targets, engage new and existing supporter and is delivered by people who have been there and done it before.

Course Information:
London - May 21st 2019- SOLD OUT

public speaking, pitching & Presenting Masterclass

Do you want to engage your audience and get them to do what you want them to? Do you want to present with impact or win that corporate pitch? Then this one-day course is the right one for you. You will learn the skills and techniques to help you engage your audience, manage and overcome nerves and take away a framework which you can use immediately after the course. It is run by Arun Sharma who has years of experience in delivering effective impactful presentations and winning corporate pitches.

Course Information:
London - May 24th 2019 - SOLD OUT
Leeds - May 21st 2019 - SOLD OUT
London - Jul 18th 2019 - 4 PLACES LEFT

Trusts & Foundations Masterclass

Helping you to win new bids. This can be a very lucrative and regular source of income. The traditional way of securing these pots of money is no more and Trust & Foundations want to build strong relationships with the organisations they fund.
We do not only help you do this, but also ensure you have a compelling case for support, growing pipeline of prospects and can articulate your projects effectively. Our bid-writers have years of experience and knowledge that will ensure you achieve success with this income stream.

Course Information:
London - Oct 29th 2019