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London to pari - 25-27 september 2019

Training Plan

London to Paris cycle ride - 25-27 September 2019

Training Plan

What level of fitness do I need to have for this challenge?
This i not an easy cycle ride, but don’t let that put you off. You will be in the saddle for three consecutive cycling between 50-80 miles from 5-7 hours each day. If you give yourself enough time to train and get used to your bike it is a challenge that can be overcome by everyone. Get in touch with us an we’d be happy to chat with you more about the challenge. or 0333 4441189.

I have a medical condition, what should I do?
We strongly recommend anyone who has a medical condition should seek approval from their GP / Consultant before signing up to a challenge. When registering for the event, you are agreeing to be fit and healthy enough to take part. The Health and safety of all participants and members of staff are paramount to us. Depending on the type and severity of your condition, we may require a letter from a medical professional stating that you are fit enough to undergo the activity. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further details.

What training do I need to do?
As you will be cycling for a long time for three consecutive days getting comfortable to your bike, shoes, helmet and clothing is essential. We all have busy lives, but try and get out on your bike at least 2-3 time a week and if you can practice riding in groups. We will be setting us a l2p forum if you want to ride with others before the challenge. Also if you are a member of a local gym sign up to a spinning class, as they are great ways to prepare. We encourage you to build up to the challenge and our team are on hand to help you with any advice you may need.

Training Tips

  • If you are new to cycling or haven’t exercised in a while make sure you take a few weeks to get your fitness up to speed before you start training

  • Spinning classes at your local sports centre can be a great way to get used to static cycling and build your stamina and strength

  • It’s important to rest in between training cycles - make sure you don’t push yourself too hard

  • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of carbohydrates. Don’t train on an empty stomach

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and try to avoid alcohol the day before the challenge

  • Make sure your warm up and down to avoid injury

  • Start slowly and set yourself achievable targets each week

Which route will we be taking?
Please see our route and elevation guide for full details on our route - available here

What type of bike do I need?
Above all, one that you feel comfortable riding for 3-consecutive days. We would recommend a road bike or hybrid, but if you have another type of bike and your are comfortable riding it for t3-consecutive days thats fine. DO feel free to talk ti us in advance, especially if you plan to buy a new bike.

What happens if i get injured?
We will have carefully planned out this challenge to try and make sure at all costs no one gets injured. Unfortunately the due to nature of group cycling over 3-days on public roads, their maybe injuries. To support you we have a Qualified Doctor in the group and support vehicles if you need to be taken for additional medical attention. It is though your responsibility to make sure you have adequate medical insurance, an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Additional costs for medical support maybe incurred, which will need to be covered entirely by yourself.